The Hacker Harvest

Date: friday, October 16, 2020
Time: 3–5 pm ET

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Can You Find Your Way Through the Harvest of Online Puzzles and Missions?

U.S. Cyber Range of Virginia Tech's Capture the Flag (CTF) competition challenges participants to solve cyber-related problems. The Jeopardy-style CTF will feature challenges across several categories with increasing point values corresponding with challenge difficulty. You don’t have to be a cybersecurity pro to play the game! Introductory challenges will help inexperienced players learn the basics, and more advanced players can hone their skills by focusing on the hardest of challenges. CTF categories include cryptography, networking, web applications, reconnaissance, and more!

Note: Although registration for this event's competition phase and is closed, all participants are welcome to play the game during the entire month of October. Register to receive login credentials.


Join US Cyber Range and peers on Zoom at 4:00 pm to learn about the program and games. Separate registration required. 

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Registration for this event is closed.

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Brought to you by:

US Cyber Range

The U.S. Cyber Range of Virginia Tech is educating the nation's workforce by providing innovative, cloud-based resources for cybersecurity education. The cyber range offers an extensive library of cybersecurity courseware and a rich and customizable set of environments to go along with lab exercises, giving students the hands-on experience they need for a career in cybersecurity.

Game Prize:

Winner! Winner!

  • Limited Edition 2020 Coin: First 100 participants to participate in 3 activities will be sent a Cyber Carnival Coin.
  • Weekly Raffles: Each week we will raffle a variety of prizes to participants 
  • Grand prize winner announced at Halloween Happy Hour
  • Game Awards: Some games will offer swag bags and winner prizes

    *Some prizes may require a US address.