What Do the Cards Hold For You? 

Date: Opens Tuesday, October 6, 2020
Time: 5 PM ET

final 1:1 October 29 At 6 PM ET

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What Do the Cards Hold in Store for You? Play inCyt by ShyftED

Sign up and play to find out starting October 6th, 2020.

With inCyt, we dare to have fun as the complexity of cyber is simplified and gamified. inCyt lessons are embedded in the gameplay where players engage with colorful characters and friendly competition. Basic topics include email security and software updates and expand to more nuanced themes. inCyt games are designed around the cyber kill chain. A player might offensively gather intel, elevate their access, and penetrate an opponent’s network. Or they might defend against these steps to safeguard their own computer assets.

This unique and fast pace game is addicting. Players face off 1:1 and battle it out using electronic defense and attack cards. Each week, players will be chosen to progress based on performance. First place winner wins a Nintendo Switch along with major bragging rights.  

This event and its finale watch party will be held on Discord. Register for your link. 

Although play is open to all throughout the entire month, to qualify for the final tournament, players must play Round #1 -"The Magician" by October 12 at 11:59 PM ET.

Multiple Epic Rounds
  • Round #1: Tarot card: “The Magician”
  • Round #2: Tarot card: “The Fool”
  • Round #3: Tarot card: “The Empress”
  • Round #4: Tarot card: “The Tower”
  • Round #5: Tarot card: “Death” (Final 1:1 after Halloween Happy Hour on Friday, October 29 at 6 PM ET)

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Registration for this event is closed.

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Brought to you by:

ShyftED, By humans, for humans

We are dedicated to realizing human potential by uniting humanity with technology crafted to de-mystify complexity.

ShyftED seeks to empower individuals, families, and communities throughout the world to confidently utilize technology, safely and securely, in order to become healthier and more prosperous.

Game Prize:

Winner! Winner!

  • Limited Edition 2020 Coin: First 100 participants to participate in 3 activities will be sent a Cyber Carnival Coin.
  • Weekly Raffles: Each week we will raffle a variety of prizes to participants 
  • Grand prize winner announced at Halloween Happy Hour
  • Game Awards: Some games will offer swag bags and winner prizes

    *Some prizes may require a US address.